Katie Braatvedt

Model and Architect

PG Girls   |   July 22, 2016

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Selected from Katie’s Instagram @katiebraatvedt

Tell us about what you do.

I’m a model and I also used to practice architecture; recently I’ve started designing and building sets for fashion shoots, which feels like a happy meeting of two different worlds.

What’s the best $10 you’ve ever spent?

A ridiculous 80’s Hawaiian shirt I bought from a charity shop last summer. It’s impossible not to have fun in that shirt.

What has been a turning point for you?

A couple of years ago four friends and I took a couple of months off work and drove from London to Mongolia. We camped everywhere, got lost a lot, didn’t worry too much about showering, and made lots of stupid jokes on our long-range radios. That experience made me more mature and more silly at the same time.

Describe your favourite smell.

Ok I’m currently making slow roasted pork and the whole house smells insane; I’m incapable of thinking of any other smell right now. So I’m gonna go with pulled pork.

Can you recommend a movie?

In the mood for love! I’m late on this bandwagon but I watched it last week and every single shot is stunning.