Alexandra Whiting

Lifestyle Editor, POPSUGAR Australia

PG Girls   |   June 9, 2016

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Tell us what you do.

I’m a writer and stylist and for the last year I’ve been the Lifestyle Editor at POPSUGAR Australia. I run the Living channel on the site, which covers all thing Home, Travel, Career, Tech, Love and Viral Topics. It means in a day I might go from writing about the latest dating app, to interviewing the author of a book about hipster baby names to reviewing the headphones Beyoncé wore in her latest video. I work really closely with our publisher and the other POP editors to develop digital and social strategies and plan editorial shoots, and then a couple times a week I’ll be out of the office for a launch or brand event – these are always pretty fun.

Silver or Gold?

I have a history of flipping between the two. I was very silver in my early 20s, then changed to gold (I love Petite Grand gold earrings), but six months ago I got engaged and my ring is white gold, which means I’ve been doing more silver again.

Do you have a signature dish?

I do a very awesome roast chicken dinner. I follow a Jamie recipe and do honey and thyme carrots and rosemary potatoes. It’s great to cook on a Sunday afternoon because there’s always heaps of food and you can invite whoever’s about.

What is something that you’re proud of?

I’m proud of working in such a female dominated industry. I’ve met some amazing and inspiring women who’ve taught me so much.

Do you have any daily rituals?

Coffee and podcasts. I make a French Press of coffee in the morning and always listen to podcasts on my way to and from work – I’m very into ‘You Must Remember This’ at the moment.

Favourite piece of clothing you own?

A dark navy, cashmere Jac + Jack jumper. I’ve had it for two winters now and I love it.



Alex wears Petite Grand Circle and Pear Drop Earrings


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